Thank you for being a part of EmpireMU, for reaching this amazing achievement of 1500+ players online we want to give back to the community with a Giveaway event.

We have started a new custom event that will randomly choose 1 player every hour and reward them with 40 WCoins. 
To participate you need to set your Discord Game Activity to Playing, you can follow this Guide if you don't know how to do it yourself.

1. Go to User Settings
2. Scroll down to Activity Settings and click on Registered Games
3. If you can't see mulauncher in ADDED GAMES then on the top you can click Add it!
4. After you click Add it! you can select MuLauncher or any of the open Mu Clients that you currently have. 
5. Select a client and press Add Game
6. Now change the name to
7. Check if it displays the message and you're ready to go!


Only available for guilds that didn't play on our servers 

At least 10 unique players.
Any proof of having Guild on other server. (Screenshot, Guild link..)

Guild Master has to contact us on Discord @[ADM]Odin